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Why choose Pixel True for your Education Institution?

Pixel True understands the unique needs of educational institutions and is committed to creating digital solutions that foster academic success. Our team of designers and developers collaborate to deliver user-friendly platforms that engage students, educators, and administrators alike. From e-learning platforms to interactive course materials, trust Pixel True to revolutionize the way your institution approaches education in the digital age.
A design agency has a team of professional designers who are experienced in creating high-quality designs. By hiring a design agency, schools and universities can ensure that their designs are polished and professional.

Benefits of working with Pixel True

Reliability and quality of work

Trust Pixel True for unwavering reliability and consistent quality in every project. Our dedicated team ensures timely delivery and meticulous attention to detail for optimal results.

High standards of customer satisfaction

Enjoy unmatched customer satisfaction with our high standards and personalized approach. We prioritize your unique needs and vision, fostering strong partnerships and seamless collaboration.

Expertise in creating designs

Harness our expertise to bring innovative and impactful designs to life. Our creative team leverages industry trends and insights to craft visually stunning and highly effective digital solutions.

Professional and friendly service

Experience professionalism and friendly service at the core of our collaboration. At Pixel True, we value open communication and genuine relationships, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable partnership.

Services We Offer

Logo and branding packages

Visual guidelines
School/University Brand Identity guidelines

Custom API Development

Building custom APIs to facilitate data exchange and integration between various systems and platforms within the educational institution.

UX/UI Design for Educational Websites and Applications

Crafting intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces for educational websites and applications, ensuring a positive and engaging user experience.

Educational Content Development

Creating engaging multimedia content, such as interactive course materials, instructional videos, and simulations to enrich the learning experience.

E-Learning Platform Development

Creating engaging and interactive e-learning platforms that enhance the online learning experience for students and educators alike.

Mobile Application Development

Designing and developing user-friendly mobile apps for iOS and Android, enabling students and faculty to access educational resources on the go.

Accessibility and Inclusivity Solutions

Ensuring digital platforms cater to diverse user needs by implementing accessibility features and inclusive design principles.

Integration with Third-Party Services

Seamlessly integrating educational platforms with third-party services, such as student information systems (SIS), library management systems, and payment gateways.

Sample work

How the Design Process Works

Research & Mood board

To provide designers with a foundation for their design work, helping them to identify key design elements and guiding their creative decisions throughout the design process.


To establish the layout, content, and functionality of the product before investing time and resources into more detailed design work. It allows designers to focus on the structure of the product and its user experience, rather than on the aesthetics.


To ensure that the final product meets the needs of its users, is functional, and is visually appealing. Prototyping can save time and resources in the long run by catching design flaws and usability issues early in the process, before they become more difficult and costly to fix.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you integrate Learning Management Systems (LMS) into our existing platforms?

Absolutely! We have experience integrating popular LMS platforms, as well as customizing solutions to fit your institution's specific requirements.

How do you ensure the security and privacy of our students' data?

We prioritize data security and privacy, adhering to industry best practices and regulatory guidelines. Our team utilizes advanced security measures to safeguard your students' data throughout the development process and beyond.

Can you design and develop mobile applications for our institution?

Yes, we can create custom mobile applications for both iOS and Android, ensuring your students and faculty can access your digital platforms on the go.

Why universities should get in touch with Pixel True Design Studios

Experience Unwavering Reliability, Exceptional Customer Satisfaction, Cutting-Edge Design Innovation, and Unparalleled Professionalism with Pixel True.

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