Boost your email marketing conversions with email signatures


Using email signatures is a free and easy way to boost your email engagement.

Let’s dive into why it matters. 

N.B. I’ll also be including an awesome free tool to get your very own signature made! 

Data provided by WiseStamp shows that emails with a signature:

  1. Get 32% more replies 
  2. Receive 22% more clicks
A professional email signature perfect for increasing email conversions

Not only are email signatures great for engagement, but are also great for building trust.

People want to know who they're dealing with, where they're from, they're name and what they look like. 

Using CTA Banners

With email signatures you’ll be able to use banners with CTAs. This is great for providing a clickable visual to your potential customer. Below are examples:

1. Booking a call

2. Case Studies

Engage customers with valuable case studies in your email

3. Downloading an E-book

Provide valuable e-books in your emails

4. GIFs

Show-off your products with a cool GIF!

5. Product video

Engage potential customers with relevant product videos

It’s not all that hard to get a pretty sweet email signature designed. 

A free tool that I would recommend is hubspot's free email signature generator.

It only takes about 5 minutes to set up 👍.


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