Exploring Pixel True's Subscription Plans

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29 Dec 2022

Pixel True, a leading design subscription service, offers a range of subscription plans tailored to meet the diverse design needs of businesses. Whether you are a startup, a small business, or an established enterprise, Pixel True has a subscription plan designed to provide unlimited access to professional design services.  

Each client receives a dedicated project manager and access to a pod of designers including UI/UX, graphic designers, illustrators and animators.

In this article, we'll explore the different subscription plans offered by Pixel True and provide guidance on selecting the best plan that suits your specific design requirements and budget.

1. Hero Plan

The Hero Plan is an entry-level subscription designed for startups and small businesses seeking essential design services for 2 hours per day. It offers unlimited access to Pixel True's design team, allowing you to request designs for items such as logos, social media graphics, or basic marketing materials. This plan is ideal for those who require a cost-effective solution to enhance their brand presence.

2. Superhero Plan

The Superhero Plan is a comprehensive subscription suitable for businesses with more extensive design needs and up to 4 hours per day of design services. It provides access to a wider range of design services, including branding, web design, and collateral design.  

With the Superhero Plan, you can unlock the full potential of Pixel True's design capabilities, enabling you to create a cohesive visual identity across multiple platforms and touchpoints.

3. Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Plan is designed for larger businesses and enterprises that demand a higher volume of design work for 6+ hours a day. This plan offers dedicated support from a team of experienced designers, ensuring that your design projects receive the attention they deserve.  

Additionally, the Enterprise Plan provides priority access to Pixel True's design resources and Creative Directors, allowing you to manage multiple design projects simultaneously and maintain brand consistency.

4. Bespoke Packages

The Bespoke Packages option allows you to have a fully customized plan created for you based on your project brief needs. This is perfect for a business that is looking to complete a rebrand, build a new website, or is looking for a comprehensive brand and design package in a short period of time.  

You’ll receive dedicated time from our Executive Creative Director, your own project manager and a team of designers to bring your vision to life.

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How to Choose the Right Plan

Selecting the right subscription plan is crucial to maximize the benefits of Pixel True's services. Consider the following factors when choosing the plan that aligns with your design needs and budget:

1. Scope of Design Requirements: Assess the scope and complexity of your design projects. If you require a wide range of design services beyond basic graphics, the Superhero or Enterprise Plan may be more suitable, providing access to a broader array of design resources.

2. Design Volume and Frequency: Evaluate the frequency and volume of design work you anticipate. If you have ongoing design needs and require a steady stream of designs, the Superhero or Enterprise Plan, with their unlimited access and dedicated support, can ensure consistent design output.

3. Budget Constraints: Consider your budget and determine the affordability of each plan. The Hero Plan offers an economical option for businesses with limited resources, while the Superhero and Enterprise Plans provide additional features and resources at a higher price point.

4. Long-term Design Strategy: Take into account your long-term design strategy. If you envision scaling your design needs or foresee larger projects in the future, the flexibility and scalability offered by the Superhero or Enterprise Plan may better accommodate your evolving requirements.

5. Support and Customization: Consider the level of support and customization you require. The Enterprise and Bespoke Plans provide dedicated support and priority access to resources, ensuring a tailored experience and efficient collaboration with the design team.

By carefully considering these factors, you can select the subscription plan that best aligns with your design needs, budget, and long-term goals. Pixel True's user-friendly website provides detailed information about each plan, allowing you to compare features, pricing, and services to make an informed decision.

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Pixel True's subscription plans offer businesses unlimited access to professional design services at affordable prices. Whether you opt for the Hero Plan, Superhero Plan, or Enterprise Plan, Pixel True's dedicated design team is ready to bring your design visions to life.  

By selecting the right plan that suits your design requirements, budget, and future aspirations, you can leverage Pixel True's expertise and unleash the full potential of your brand through exceptional design.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I switch between subscription plans?

Yes, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan at any time to better align with your evolving design needs.

Is there a minimum commitment period for the subscription plans?

Pixel True offers flexible month-to-month subscriptions, allowing you to cancel or modify your plan as needed without any long-term commitments.

Can I request multiple design projects simultaneously with the Superhero or Enterprise Plan?

Absolutely! The Superhero and Enterprise Plans provide resources and support for managing multiple design projects concurrently, ensuring efficient execution and timely delivery.

Are there any additional fees for revisions or file formats?

No, Pixel True's subscription plans include unlimited revisions and access to various file formats, ensuring you receive the designs you need without any extra charges.

Can I receive a personalized consultation to determine the best plan for my business?

Certainly! Pixel True offers personalized consultations to discuss your design needs and guide you in selecting the most suitable subscription plan.

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