How to Attract Customers to Love Your Brand

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29 Dec 2022

Getting new customers can a lot of times feel like a frustrating task. You may feel as though you are following all the rules of successful marketing, but getting nowhere in gaining a returning customer base.

Like anything in life, we often overthink our strategies, not looking at what are some of the simplest and most effective ways to approach each situation.

Don’t worry…  Help is on the way.

Today we are going to examine some ways you can boost your business and attract customers to love your brand.

What Makes a Customer Happy? 

In order to get customers to love your brand, it’s important to first recognize what makes them tick.

While different methods will work differently for various industries and demographics, there are always a few strategies that raise eyebrows, and get people to gravitate toward products and services.

Here are a few you may have never thought of.  

  • Give discounts to customers.
  • Learn about customer wants and needs.
  • Develop quick and easy troubleshooting solutions.

Discounts Don’t Lie

Giving away your product is never a good idea. By giving it away for free, companies are either showing their desperation in marketing, or lack of confidence in selling at the higher level of their competitors.

Giving discounts is a different story.

Traditionally, the term discount meant “bargain bin” or “clearance”, but today discounting can be used for marketing tasks, including product reviews and data analytics.

Giving discounts through the means of new media (social media, podcasts, digital campaigns), not only creates a stream of data about who is going to be using your product, but it also develops a tested and approved method.

If customers feel as though they are getting a deal, they are going to give your product a try. Since you have already made them feel secure by giving them a break, customers are more likely to return to you in the future.

By offering discounts in return for reviews or feedback, customers may also feel happier when they realize they are actually taking part in the development of the business.

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How Do You Attract Customers?

Aside from using tact's associated with what makes customers happy, there are many ways to attract customers that will lead to them loving your brand.

Here are a few ways you can attract more sales.

  • Create great packaging.
  • Stay relatable and relevant.
  • Allow interactions between customers.

Perfect Packaging

A first impression is very important when attracting new customers. If you do not have packaging that is eye-catching and defines your product, it may very well get lost on the shelves.

Your packaging can on its own act as a marketing campaign, telling customers whether or not your product is worth using. By engaging with your customers on what is and isn’t working, your business can shift presentation until you get the right fit.

Holiday help is also a solution to assist your packaging. If there is a way to add some flare during a major holiday season, it could be the difference between your product or your competitor’s making the sale.

Some businesses may think this step doesn’t apply to them because they don’t have a physical product. Websites for services also act as packages, pushing a customer to decide whether to stay on your page or click onward.

Want to see brand packaging in action?  Check out this video of a brand and how packaging was assembled.

Relatable And Relevant 

Customers are more likely to gravitate toward products that seem relevant to a given time and place. Not only can your brand do this by pivoting products based on current trends, but also through the use of recommendations.

One thing that is important for a brand is tracking customer lifecycles. Lifecycles are created by seeing patterns in how people buy products. If you are looking for returning customers who love your brand, it may be important to implement other useful products.

If a customer buys something for their kitchen, offer other possible kitchen items at checkout. Eventually, you will be able to see who adds what impulse item, and how you can further use that product to drive future sales.

Staying relatable and relevant can also be done by offering customer surveys and suggestion boxes.  

By interacting with customers on what they need or want to see, you’ll begin to see a lead into a happy buyer, and a series of information that can keep your business at the top of its game.

Interested in knowing more about customer lifecycles?  Watch this short rundown video.

Interactions Are Important

If learning about the people who may buy your product leads to happy customers, and staying relevant through understanding customers attracts new business, interactions on a general level keep the conversation going.

The interactions between customers sometimes lead to better brand recognition by the way that your product is approached.

Through interacting with customers on social media, your business can create competitions and other creative ideas, to assist customers in doing more than just using what you sell.

By encouraging users to share posts, create videos, and use hashtags, existing customers can begin to get the ball rolling on new customer acquisition, without costing your company a dime.  

The best part about these interactions is their authenticity. Since you are dealing with real customers and real situations, those who randomly stumble across the content will be more likely to engage, since it is perceived as more than an advertisement.  

Are you already using social media in your business? Here is a video with some tips on how you may be misguided with social media use.

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Moving Forward

The main takeaway in attracting customers to love your brand is communication.  Whether it be through the messages on your packaging, or the way you set up customer interactions, making sure communication is fluid leads to success.

Adding in a bit of empathy and awareness, businesses can maximize their potential and create a loyal customer base that will beat the competition.

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Learning Is Loving

As it is often said in life, we should be treating others the way we want to be treated.  This does not change in business practices. If you want customers to love your brand, you need to meet them halfway, discovering who they are in the process.

By taking time to learn about the people buying your product or service, you are not only showing them you care about their customer needs, but you are also finding ways to keep them engaged.

Talking with customers about their experiences and why such a product and service is important, gives you the ability to empathize with your audience, and eventually build trust levels stronger than with other brands.

While these customer interactions may also lead to new ideas for marketing campaigns and expanding products, the goal is to make customers feel special.  

If any existing company in your market is already making sales, chances are they’re overlooking this step.  

Timely Troubleshooting

We have all been there in regards to awful customer service. No one wants to sit on hold for fifteen minutes, or have to wait days for an email response.  

A general rule about happy customers is that their time is not wasted.  If you are able to provide a means for them to get quick answers or solutions, it’s well worth your resources.

Some businesses post product manuals for free. There are also companies who have set up online help forums, where customers can interact with each other, and get information outside of normal business hours.  

No matter what method you decide on, putting a strategy in place for quick customer solutions will definitely bring people back for future purchases.

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