How to Stay Relevant with Graphic Design

Graphic Design
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29 Dec 2022

Graphic Design is literally everywhere– from packaging, advertisements, logos, brochures, to digital platforms. It serves as a visual tool in communicating a brand’s message through the use of smartly-produced graphics and imagery.

While a brief write up certainly provides users an overview about a particular product, combining it with visual aesthetics would take it a notch further for more effective marketing. Branding is everything after all, and people are drawn to products that are backed with well-thought-out design and graphics. But how do you make sure your space in this digitalized world, where pretty much everything is up online, stays relevant?

For example, the younger generation or the Gen Z, spends most of their free time scrolling through TikTok, while Millennials on the other hand are more active on Twitter. Gauge which platforms your target audience are actively participating in and take it from there. The more channels your brand is exposed to, the wider the reach.

Consistent Branding

As the saying goes, consistency is key. What could be found on your website should also be reflected in channels your brand is posted in, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Displaying uniformity equals brand identity. It is a strong way to get brand recalls, and it lures people to give your business a second look with the hopes of converting traffic into sales.

A friendly interface should also be taken into consideration. By making sure the visual elements are displayed correctly whether it is viewed from a desktop or mobile, you provide your customers a seamless experience which could potentially lead to actual purchases.

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Social Media Presence

Online presence plays a vital role in increasing brand recognition. While visually-appealing graphics get people’s attention, staying in the game is different altogether. Websites and social media channels garner so much traffic each day that your brand could easily be drowned out in the continuous flow of content. So how do you prevent your business from getting swept by the tide? It is by making your presence felt, whether in digital or in print, that cements your place of relevance through the means of advertisements, active social campaigns, and simply getting with the times.

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Keep the Momentum Going

Consistently build up your brand with the aims of repeat purchases and new customers. Presenting a strong portfolio that emphasizes your services gives your brand credibility since it is a visual expression of what you’re selling. Current trends that rely on graphics such as GIFs, memes, and infographics, are just some of the media worth jumping into as it naturally calls for frequent engagement.

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Get the Team that Makes It Happen

Setting all these up seems like a daunting task, and it undoubtedly is. Designing a digital brochure alone could take hours, or days even, especially when you have to account for the ideas of everyone in the team. With the endless pile you have to prioritize for your business, squeezing in a few hours into making illustrations, banners & visual marketing tactics in a limited amount of time would only call for chaos– and it’s also a hassle when you yourself don’t have the skills needed for designing, as well as the tools commonly used by veterans in the field.

A creative process doesn’t just mean simply choosing colors, slapping your logo atop of it, and writing a few texts then you’re done. It requires asking the questions such as who is your target market? What emotions do you want your users to feel? And what vibe does your brand give off? With so many things to consider, the best way to address these problems is to bring in a team that knows the ins and outs of effective design & marketing–- which is exactly what Pixel True Designs is all about.

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Consisting of a team of creatives who have a knack for design, Pixel True Designs provides a variety of design services such as Animation, Brand Identity, Illustrations, Web & App Design, Print Design & Landing Page Design. Our designers are backed with years of expertise in the field where we cater to our clients’ needs in a creative, timely manner.

In Pixel True, we make sure we’re with you every step of the way– from conceptualizing, drafting stages, initial designs and revisions, we always strive to give quality work with the intention of having a long term relationship with all our clients.