10 tips to increase your website conversion...

29 Dec 2022

This is a list of actionable design tips that you can do today to boost your website conversion rates.

Take a look at these 2 important stats:

  1. People form 75% of their judgment on a website’s credibility purely on its aesthetics.
  2. 74% of businesses say user experience is vital for boosting sales

Design is more than just making things look good.

It's a great tool to increase credibility, trust and in turns sales.

So if you want to boost your conversions today, you'll love this list of tips, techniques and strategies.

Let's get started.

Increase trust simply by including contact information

64% of users want to see contact information on a business’s website.

And this makes sense...

People want to know who they're dealing with, where they're from, they're name and what they look like.

Providing contact information is a quick and easy way to build trust.

Increase trust by including contact information

It's simple as having an about page, location, contact details and social media links.

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Increase clicks by removing the number of options

Having more content on your website isn't always a good thing.

76% of consumers say the most important factor in a website’s design is “the website makes it easy for me to find what I want.”

Less is more definitely applies to design and content.

By deleting what doesn't matter you give more attention to what matters.

Here's some quick tips to do this:

have a clear call to action

Having one CTA will make it clear to your visitors what the next step is.

Just remember how confusing & stressful it is to shop for toothpaste...

Dozens of options!

Only keep important links in the navigation bar

Only keep the most important links in your Nav bar.

Having unnecessarily links drives potential clicks away from the good stuff.

remove unnecessary section to increase conversions

Get rid of unnecessary sections that make your page feel cluttered!

Keep your messaging clear - increase conversion rates

Having shorter paragraphs makes your content more readable.

And you'll be focusing on your most important points.

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Get users to read your content by increasing legibility

Getting your content read can be the difference between your users taking the next step or exiting your site.

This means it even harder with almost all site visitors skim reading your content.

Below are some tips to get your content read.

Increase legibility by highlighting key terms

Nothing beats the good old highlighter!

Increase legibility by using the right font

There are good and bad fonts to use. Here's a quick article on some fonts that you could use.

Increase legibility by keeping your paragraphs short

Break your content in to paragraphs. It's easier to read and a lot less intimidating!

Increase legibility by using headings

With most users skim reading your content, you'll want to include plenty of headings to give them an overview of what the section is about.

make your content readable with bullet points - increase conversion rates

With 70% of people paying attention to bulleted lists, you'll want to try and use bullet points whenever possible

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