Increase your completion of forms


You've done the hardwork of getting a visitor to your site, sold them with awesome copy, and now it's time for them to take the final step... filling out a long and lovely contact form.

The worst thing that could happen is for them to drop out because it's too much hassle to fill out the form.

You see this happening everywhere, that's why business' like typeform make millions each year - they give your users a pleasurable experience so they're more likely to fill out the form.

Here's a really simple tip to increase your form conversions.

Use progressions to increase conversions

The Goal-Gradient Effect states that our efforts increase as we move closer to a goal.

In other words, people are motivated by how much is left to reach their target, not how far they've gone.

Use progressions to increase conversion rates

We can use progress bars to increase user motivation by visually showing progress.

Use progress bars in your forms to increase conversion rates

Add progression to your forms to increase form completions.

Use progress bars on your blog to increase conversion rates

You can even use this principle for content on your blog. The possibilities with progressions are endless!


That's all from me!

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