What Is Graphic Design and Why It Is Important for Every Business

Graphic Design
29 Dec 2022

By having a component of graphic design in your business, entrepreneurs can help in establishing themselves in the open market, as well as create sales and sustainability through reaching as many potential customers as possible.

Graphic design is simply the creation and practice of using images and text to plan and project ideas across various places and platforms.

Yet how this is done isn’t simple. Every business and industry comes with their own set of changes and challenges. Here we are going to look at why graphic design is important for any business, and ways you can put it to good use.

Impactful Impressions

At the very least, graphic design is a visual version of a first impression.

By creating visual creative content, businesses are able to control the narrative on what the public should think, feel, or act in regards to their product.  

Most of all, graphic design conveys a sense of professionalism about a product or service, to showcase how serious they are about distributing to the public.

Here are a series of ways in which this first impression can be created:

Business Cards

While we have been forced to adapt to a new normal, the age of networking is still alive and well.  

Whether you are at a professional convention or just running into some potential clients at a store, having great business cards handy is a fantastic way to get the ball rolling.

Even though the most important aspect of these cards is the information, having polished graphics can be the difference between your business being tracked or trashed.  

Graphic design is able to do this through the use of an effective logo and layout. If your content is centralized, it’s more easily accessible.  

If your content is accompanied by an image that is eye-catching or relatable, you may stand out compared to your competitors.

Wondering how you can create great business cards? Check out this video of card creation Dos and Don’ts.

Websites and Landing Pages

If a business card is the ticket used to get your business noticed, a website or landing page is what keeps the potential client or customer interested.

The way in which a website or landing page is structured is oftentimes centered around the use of graphic design. 

By making decisions on where photos and other visuals are placed, business owners can begin to track what is or isn’t productive for their product or service.

Through the use of A/B Testing, companies can test the use and placement of images and text, to determine what metrics work for getting customers to spend time on their page.

But building a website can at times be difficult. Not everyone knows the complexities involved with HTML and other coding.  Therefore, it’s recommended people start by using website services such as Wix.

Interested in knowing how you can build a website on such an easy platform?  Check out this video on building a website from scratch.

Posters and Flyers

Just like in the events industry, having a catchy poster or flyer for your business can be a great way to attract attention. Interestingly enough, most of what is included in posters and flyers center around great graphic design.

Much like content on a business card, displaying your information centralized and with relatable images, could be the difference between someone taking the time to check out your business or moving on.

What makes posters and flyers most effective is that you can zero in on a target audience. Also similar to business cards, posters and flyers can be taken on the go to various places to gain maximum exposure.  

Wanting to know how you can create great flyers? Watch this video.

Ideal Identity 

It’s important to withstand with confidence in your business when trying to potentially reach new customers and clients.  

By creating some of the above materials, graphic design can help shape business identity, and make it look like you’ve been established for years.

There are many ways in which businesses can create identity through graphic design.  

Here are a few examples.

Logo Logistics

Throughout time, there have been many recognizable businesses with notable logos.  From the Nike swoosh to Apple’s apple, logos can do more than just promote a company.

The most recognizable graphics are those that leave you with a sense of identity. A uniqueness that sets one business apart from the rest.  

When developing a logo, businesses need to always keep their brand and target audience in mind. Certain characters, symbols, or colors can have different context based on who you are trying to attract.  

The general rule would be to always stay professional. A logo for a law firm might take a more serious tone than that for a water park or restaurant.  

Communication Consistency

Through using business cards, websites, and poster materials, companies might feel the need to create separate graphics. While having a series of visuals suitable for different situations may seem appropriate, it can at times get confusing to customers.

When understanding and implementing graphic design into a business, it’s important to realize you are trying to meet the needs of two separate groups - new customers and existing customers.

By creating both visual and text that is consistent across all elements of the business, each group will better understand both the mission and identity that is trying to be portrayed.

Communication can also be established in graphic design through the use of infographics. Infographics pair both images and text together to better explain a product, service, or new concept.

Showing (rather than telling) people how to use a product or service, may be enough to create trust, and transition a new customer into an existing customer.

Social Media Sustainability

While many companies will pay high costs to acquire customers through various advertising methods, most businesses have found social media platforms to be the best bet in continued success.

By taking the graphics already designed from promotional materials, a business can then launch their established identity into a series of social media outreach methods.  

Through demonstrating how your product is used, having customers create content around your service, or finding ways to relate to your audience, graphic design can be a big part of keeping customers interested.

These visuals can be anything from the creation of memes, Instagram posts/stories, and even funny TikTok videos.

The possibilities of using graphic design in social media are limitless. Check out this video on how to create social media graphics.

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Having already created materials and established trust through the use of graphic design, it is now time to grab a piece of market share.

The best way to determine where you stand in regards to your competitors is through creating various marketing campaigns.

Here are a few things to remember when developing campaigns around your designs.

Creativity Is King

There are different approaches that are appropriate based on the type of product or service being marketed. For example, some products fix existing problems, while other products create new ideas and inventions.

In both of these situations, using visuals to interact with an audience in a creative way kills competition.

Finding a way to express why life would be better with your product compared to the competition, not only raises eyebrows, but nudges potential customers in the direction of your product.

Any way you can drive the idea that you are more useful than your competitors is important. But remember, as much as bad publicity is better than no publicity, taking professionalism out of the equation may turn people away, including existing customers.

Message Equals Money

Once a creative concept has been developed, it’s necessary to find a way to make sure your message shines through.

By going back and looking at the identity created through communicating with customers both in graphics and text, more ideas can be implemented in how to internalize with a target audience.

A hardware store in a mostly industrial area may want to focus on helping neighborhood unions by making donations.  

A product for children might want to partner with educational services. These types of campaigns strengthen your message and may equal sales.

Every business has a story behind them. By combining creative concepts with brand messaging and story, businesses can use visuals to pull specific reactions and emotions out of people.

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Putting It All Together

Most people view graphic design as a means to accompany the meat and bones of a business structure. The truth is, having the right graphic design tactics could mean having a thriving business or a misguided product.

Through the correct use of one (or many) of the above materials and strategies, businesses can effectively reach new customers, and keep loyal existing customers for years to come.

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