Why You Should Partner with a Creative Agency

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72 and Sunny is now the creative agency for 4 Pines Brewery. Tasked with continuing their work in sustainable business practices, the agency will help them promote their story, brand, and integrated communications. 

72 and Sunny has the solution to your marketing dilemmas. Well respected among their peers, their advertising, marketing, branding, design, and communication are just a few elements they bring to you with their agency.

There are many reasons to join forces with a creative agency. Especially if you are looking for specific content creation and promotion. Keep reading to learn how 72 and Sunny, along with other agencies, can move your business forward. 

Why You Should Hire a Creative Agency

Running your own business takes time, energy, and effort. And there are many parts running simultaneously to brand, promote, and market your product and/or services. 

Creative Agencies Lighten the Load

Using a creative agency eliminates some of your responsibility and provides several benefits that include:

  • Boosting your ROI
  • Providing fresh content 
  • Obtaining an unbiased point of view
  • Following a proven plan for completion
  • Enabling you to have more time
  • Including up-to-date marketing tools
  • Maintaining significance

As the agency takes on your marketing responsibility, you benefit from having more time.

This time allows you to then focus on the other areas of your business you may prefer – like networking and onsite promotions. Or in some cases, have the opportunity to develop richer, more meaningful relationships with your customers.

4 Pines Looks to Tell Their Story

When 4 Pines Brewing wanted to amp up its marketing efforts, they were seeking an agency with aligned energy. Finding the right fit helps in telling their story and developing an approach that will connect to its target audience.

With a 10-year reputation in practical viability, communal responsibility, and climate consciousness, 4 Pines Brewing will see supercharged advancement in a crowded beer industry with 72 and Sunny’s high-level strategy and creative thinking.

And their story is one that should not only be told but shared with the masses because of their:

  • Commitment to the planet
  • Allegiance to their customers and community
  • Participation as a B Corp certified business
  • Partnership with 1% For the Planet

These sustainable efforts support their pledge to “brew better” than any other.

What Does a Creative Agency Provide?

Hiring a creative agency gives you an advantage in brand strategy since the agency has the ability to see the big picture. 

Benefits of a Creative Agency

Talented agency staff provides benefits to your business with:

  • Creativity
  • Experts in their field
  • Sets you up for success
  • Measurable results
  • Trend awareness

The agency is fully equipped to measure advertising efforts and marketing campaigns. Doing so allows your business to determine whether the ROI is profitable and one worth continuing. 

Benefits from Ongoing Communication?

These benefits make integrated communications possible throughout the process. Consistency is created and maintained that is relative to moving your business forward because agencies are familiar with target audiences and where to reach them. 

Once the agency is familiar with the business’s objective, its communication will then focus on the: 

  • Correct message to support the objective
  • Ideal audience that is significant to the business
  • Engaging voice to build trust and awareness
  • Perfect moment to optimize engagement

Creativity and contemporary ideas provided set up your success because of the agency’s expertise. They bring an outside point of view and attitude your business may not have considered. Suggestions are therefore always fresh and relevant. 

What Is the Point of an Agency?

One of the best reasons to work with a creative agency is the opportunity created to build a partnership aimed at the same objective. It’s similar to having a built-in support system. 

What Makes a Creative Agency Successful?

The agency brings with it a spirit and purpose to

  • Provide a variety of relevant thoughts and ideas
  • Create a competitive edge to rise above the business rivals
  • Conquer challenges ambitiously and in innovative ways
  • Increase business growth when beating out the competition

The meaning behind the work is to combine the two so no separation from the objective occurs. The agency and the business are integrated and this is evident in the partnership between 72 and Sunny and 4 Pines Brewing.

This partnership will be one that encourages ongoing and authentic communication to maintain their working and successful relationship.

What Is It Like to Work with a Creative Agency?

A creative agency like 72 and Sunny is a collective energy of experts across different specialized fields. This collective group's one purpose is to help brands like 4 Pines Brewing succeed. 

They create so you can grow by providing the:

  • Ability to switch gears when it’s necessary to do so
  • Creativity to come up with a game plan
  • Consistency essential to stay focused 
  • Develop a supportive partnership

The teams within the creative agency are of like-minded individuals. They are creatives that work well to collaborate and develop the precise campaign and brand development you are looking for. They’ve already established lucrative relationships that benefit you.

72 and Sunny and 4 Pines Connect

One thing is for sure with these 2 coming together – a meaningful and profitable relationship has been born. And in this particular relationship, 4 Pines's story will be told through 72 and Sunny’s inspiring creative forces. 

What does that mean for 4 Pines in the future?

No question, it will lead to greater profit and overall success.

What is the Difference Between a Creative Agency and a Marketing Agency

4 Pines has a very specific brand and a very specific audience in mind they want to market to. Deciding how that message is going to get delivered is an important one.
Not just for them, but for any business looking to promote and sell its products and services. When deciding how to go about that, you may choose to use a 

  • Creative Agency
  • Marketing Agency

Creative Agency

A creative agency is best when you are looking to brand or rebrand your business. Branding is all about your visual, audio, and written appeal in graphics and design.

A creative agency will focus on how the business is represented through

  • Graphics
  • Print
  • Logos
  • Illustrations
  • Video
  • Copywriting
  • Headlines
  • Animations 

Marketing Agency

A marketing agency is best with you are looking to distribute your information to the public. The marketing agency will plan and prepare a strategy for how your brand and message are delivered. 

Some marketing agencies specialize in how messages are delivered including: 

  • SEO
  • Email campaigns
  • Website design
  • Social media 

How Do You Describe a Creative Agency

There are many benefits to using a creative agency. What sets a creative agency apart from a marketing or even an advertising agency is its commitment throughout the entire process.

The creative agency is tasked with all things artistic and imaginative and assists in areas of

  • Providing a new perspective
  • Professional delivery
  • Understanding the competition
  • Creative networks
  • Efficient production
  • Quality content


There are many benefits to hiring a creative agency like 72 and Sunny to move your business in a successful way. Being able to hand over the responsibility of coming up with and developing a lucrative marketing strategy takes time, energy, and effort. 

The agency brings with it a talented team of experts. Experts experienced in moving your business toward greater success based on trending practices, progressive methods, and direct communication.

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