Welcome to Pixel True!

What happens next?

1. Onboarding - We're setting up your project! In about 5 minutes you'll get an invite to our Basecamp - our design request tool.

2. Submit your job requests - Once you're all setup, you'll be able to submit your first design request. We've provided a video on how to get started and a template of questions to answer for a design request.

3. Get your personal designers - Once you've submitted your job, we'll assign you your own personal designer, then sit back and relax and we'll work our magic :)

Why Basecamp?

Below are some of the awesome features in Basecamp that make it an awesome tool to use :)

1. A Job request list that you can easily add jobs too

2. An in-built file management system (like google drive) - we'll be uploading any source files here

3. An in-built chat system - this will allow you, your designers and your project manager to communicate easily. No more Chinese-whispers!

What you can request

The possibilities are endless with a full design team - we provide 3 specialised designers - a UI designer, Graphic designer and an Illustrator.

Think of us as your personal designer. Anything that requires design we can do it! here's a list that details a few of the services:

- Stunning Illustrations
- Web Designs
- App Designs
- Icons
- Infographics
- Social Media Graphics
- Email Banners
- Blog Banners
- Business Cards
- Flyers, Posters, Banners
- Podcast Graphics
- Event Graphics
- E-commerce Graphics
- T-shirt Graphics
- Books and Ebook Covers
- Thumbnail Images
- Newsletter
- and much more!

I'm looking forward to working together. And again, it's a pleasure to have you on-board!!

Founder at Pixel True