How Small Business Attract New Customers

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29 Dec 2022

Small businesses are quickly becoming the foundation of the ecommerce world today, but many people might not know how small businesses attract new customers. 

Small businesses use tactics such as marketing strategies, sales, and sign up bonuses to get customers. However, there are so many other methods and aspects to keep in mind when doing this. 

If you want to know more about how small businesses attract new customers then stay tuned as we go through these key tips. 

How Do Small Businesses Get New Customers?

Small businesses are having a huge impact on the way things are sold and how things are marketed. One thing that we want to touch on is how small businesses attract new customers as this is a big concern for those starting out. 

Let’s dive in and take a look at some methods that small businesses use to attract new customers. 

Offering Discounts 

Offering discounts is the number one way to attract customers to your small business. We know that this isn’t always possible for certain businesses if they’re just starting out. 

However, there are a lot of different ways that businesses can go about this. Here are a few discounts that small businesses can offer to attract new customers:

  • Offering introductory discounts such as a sign on bonus
  • Bargains or regular sales on products that are marketed towards new customers 
  • Referral bonuses for new customer and existing customer 

These discounts are a great way to have new customers try out your product especially if they never have before. Saving money is always a great tactic to try if your business allows for it. 


Many people might not know this but tracking what customers buy is a huge way to market things towards new customers.

Larger companies use this tactic almost constantly to send generated ads and other personalized content to potential customers. 

Tracking what people buy can help the small business to target people who might actually buy your product. 

For example, if someone buys a lot of perfumes, body lotions, and other body care items like this then you’ll be more likely to get a sale from them for your candle company than marketing towards someone buying power tools or car parts. 

Here are some ways to track customer activity as a small business: 

  • Keeping track of actual orders placed on different websites 
  • Keep track of search results and items they’ve looked up 
  • Keep track of what ads they are actively clicking on 
  • Buying history and cart history 


We took a look into referral bargains that small businesses use for new customers earlier. Referrals are a great way to get new customers and also have your existing customers get a little treat as well. 

Some companies might run a “get $” program for referring friends where the new customer and old customer gets the money. Some other companies might give a percentage discount or some other option to both customers once they sign up. 

This tactic is great to build a customer base to your website, and it can help get the small business’ name out there. 

Current customers are a great source for new customers since word of mouth is a very effective tactic for growing your business. 

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What’s The Easiest Method To Attracting New Customers? 

When it comes to being a small business the important aspect you want to keep in mind are easy and simple tactics. It’s essential to remember not to overthink this process and to get down to the basics whenever you’re looking to reach new customers.

The best thing to do is to be consistent and reach out to customers as directly as possible. Methods like bargains, referrals, and other similar methods are great for small businesses, but nothing beats reaching out to the customers themselves. 

Here are a few of these easy methods we recommend:

Stay Consistent

Reaching out to customers or potential customers consistently is key. You want to keep appearing around them which inclines them to research or buy from your small business. 

Consistently reaching out allows the potential customer to consistently be reminded about your brand and business. 

Some examples of this that you can try include: 

  • Sending out regular promotional emails weekly/daily 
  • Posting on social media accounts that target particular customers 
  • Using communication methods such as direct mail whether that’s messaging a potential customer to offer services, or you can directly email potential customers from an email list 

Find The Customers Directly 

Finding customers directly can make things easier between both parties by allowing the customers to feel seen, and it can make sure there isn’t a third party doing the communicating. 

This means sending out emails, text reminders, reaching out to customers on social media, and other areas of communication that targets the customers directly. 

Taking out any third party communication is key to reaching potential customers and even existing customers directly. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Reach Out 

Sometimes it takes literally messaging someone that you think might like your products in order to gain that customer. Being a small business means putting yourself out there and being able to reach out to people to spread the word. 

Branch out and be sure to message people, call people, tag people, and do everything you can to find the next new customer of your brand. 

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Things To Remember 

When you’re thinking about how you can get new customers as a small business it’s important to remember some essential tactics. There are a ton of ways that you can go about this, but just be sure to utilize all of your resources

Here are a few important things that you should remember during this process: 

Networking Is Essential 

Many people forget about networking when they start a business, but it’s important to know that not everyone is your competition

Networking can mean partnering with other small businesses to promote each other, partnering with causes or groups in order to get your business out there, or it can mean networking with a higher up or someone that you can look up to. 

Be sure to sell your expertise and find complementary businesses to network with. Go into networking conversations wanting to help the other business instead of gain for your own. 

No matter what, it’s best to utilize networking and use that to your advantage in the business space. 

Search Engine Marketing

Marketing is a huge aspect of finding new customers and keeping existing customers. Search engine optimization and marketing are some of the easiest and best ways to do this.

Search engine marketing can mean focusing on search engine results, blog posts to increase SEO, or even just knowing social media algorithms to help show up in the feeds that you need to. 

Marketing In General

Marketing in general is the biggest way to find customers who might not even be looking for you. Social media is something that has helped the marketing game of so many small businesses. 

Keep up with social media and stay consistent to make sure that you’re appearing on these platforms daily. 

It’s not necessary to pay for ad space to be able to market your business, but sometimes it can be a good way to boost it. 


Many customers nowadays are undoubtedly surfing the internet, buying products, and finding small businesses on their mobile devices. 

Making sure that your small business website is mobile friendly is important to cater to the majority of customers. 

A mobile friendly website helps with user interface, easier shopping, and just a better experience for the customer. Plus, it helps the look of your website as well as the ease of navigation. 

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How Can You Make Sure Customers Come First?

As a small business something that can set you apart from the larger corporations over the world is the customer experience. Many small businesses make this a priority as they open their doors and there is a good reason why. 

Most customers love to feel seen and heard. It can make them feel like their opinion matters, and customers ultimately love being cared for by the businesses that they’re supporting. 

Sticking to a good guideline and keeping customers at the forefront of your business is the best way you can ensure customers come first. 

How To Put Customers First 

Let’s take a look at some tactics that your small business can implement to make your customers feel seen and heard. 

Know Your Customers

You have to know your customers and who you’re marketing towards. It’s important to know your market and understand what your customers are looking for in your business. 

This could mean knowing that you’re marketing to men, women, parents, beauty lovers, gamers, people who buy high end or people that buy low end. 

Regardless, knowing your customers can help you to know how to market towards them and come out with new products or services that they will enjoy

Be Communicative 

Being able to communicate and stand out to your customers is key. Essentially, customers want to see more than just the brand so knowing the faces behind the brand is a great way to make them feel more connected and important. 

Some ways to do this is by having webinars, workshops, or just having meetups where you can speak up about your business and better connect with your customers directly

Take Their Feedback 

Allow customers to write reviews, post on their socials, and share your story with their own friends and followers. It’s important not to brush their opinions under the rug though. 

It’s crucial to actually take and implement their feedback into your business because they are the ones that you’re looking to satisfy. 

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Where To Find New Customers

Now that we know how to attract new customers, we need to go over where the most fruitful environments are. It’s important to know that when finding customers you must try to do it as naturally as possible. Let’s look at some ways you can do this. 

Social Media

Of course, the first place to find customers is on social media. Social media has been a fantastic way to network and market yourself to potential customers. 

Businesses can find customers by looking at social media tags, product tags, and other interests of people. You can research who they’re following, who follows them, and what they’re interested in. 

Once you find customers who post about or follow businesses similar to yours then you can market towards them directly. 

Email Lists 

Email lists are looked at as an old way to find customers, but ultimately it’s still a great way to directly contact customers. Email lists can give you emails that have signed up for similar services which can help you to target them. 


Here we are again talking about networking but it’s really a great way to put yourself out there! You can use this as a way to gain customers with a business that aligns with yours by networking with business owners

Some things to remember when it comes to networking is to give a good first impression, make sure to speak up and volunteer to speak, and don’t be afraid to reach out. 

How Networking Can Help Small Businesses

Networking is one of the biggest things that small businesses can do in the beginning to get their name out there to other business owners. We’ve mentioned networking a few times in this article, but why is it so important? 

Networking can help small businesses by connecting them with possible business partners, people in their industry, and friends.

It’s important to expand your business social circle to expand your opportunities. 

Benefits of Networking 

Small businesses can benefit from networking because it can help expand so many opportunities and areas of their business. 

One great tool to use will always be word of mouth and connections; that’s what networking is. 

Here are some top benefits of networking: 

  • Build new business relations and strengthen business connections 
  • Raise your social status in the business world and build social media Access to possible job opportunities, business partners, and friends 
  • Helps to get your name out there
  • Get career advice, knowledge, and support

These are just a few of the best benefits associated with networking, but it’s important to be natural, honest, and just have fun when networking. 

Here’s a video that can give you tips on networking if you aren’t the best at it