Scaling Design Needs Exponentially for a Web Development Company

Find out how Bluecap used Pixel True services to scale their design needs and how they were able to save time so they can spend more of it on their internal efforts where they shine best instead.

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Bluecap is a company specializing in digital consulting and web development.


IT services and IT consulting

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Kansas City, Missouri

Services Provided

Bluecap provides strategic insight and web development by partnering with companies directly and becoming a true part of their team. They use the latest technology in web development and design to build fully responsive websites that are easy to navigate and are fully accessible. Bluecap also has a network of industry experts that they hold partnerships with to ensure that their clients have access to the best-of-the-best when it comes to other services that their clients might need.

Interview with

Aaron & Eric Lessman

We had the pleasure of interviewing Aaron and Eric, the co-founders of Bluecap. Here's what Aaron and Eric had to say about the Pixel True services.

The Problem

The reason we sought out Pixel True is that we wanted to partner with a company of creative experts. At Bluecap our core specialty is digital consulting and web development. We knew that our clients had other needs as well and we wanted to be able to help them with those needs.

In response to that, we began crafting a partner network of industry experts. One of those key areas is design and we are not designers by trade! However, Pixel True is a group of creative geniuses who have joined our team and it couldn't be a better fit!

Why Pixel True?

Pixel True has allowed us to scale our design needs exponentially. The turnaround time is fantastic and we get to spend our internal efforts where we shine best and let the design experts handle their domain! On top of this, we work very closely with the Pixel True designers and the collaboration has always been easy because we have an incredibly dedicated project manager (shoutout to Liz)!

What would you say to those on the fence?

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