Outsourcing design needs to focus on high priority projects

Find out how ROKT used Pixel True services to scale their design needs and how they were able to focus more on growing their business.

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ROKT is the global leader in e-commerce technology, helping companies seize the full potential of every transaction moment to grow revenue and acquire new customers at scale.


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ROKT was founded in Australia, the company now operates in 19 countries across North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region with the largest office now in New York City. They are helping leading global businesses and advertisers around the globe by offering highly relevant messages to their customers at the moment they are most likely to convert to drive more value to their client's transactions.

Interview with

Rohan Lal

We had the pleasure of interviewing Rohan, Marketing Manager at ROKT. Here's what Rohan had to say about the Pixel True services.

Discover how tech startup ROKT achieved a $2.4 billion valuation in just one year, even amidst the pandemic. Uncover how outsourcing their design needs enabled them to focus on their goal and unlock their true potential. Learn from their success and find out how outsourcing design can help your business reach its goals too.

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The Problem

We need an arm for our business that will take care of our design needs for significant scale.

Why Pixel True?

Pixel True updated a large volume of materials for us, and fast, allowing us to focus on other, related priorities internally.

What would you say to those on the fence?

What would you say to those on the fence?

The volume at which Pixel True can complete design work frees up a lot of hours and resources for our team that are vital for us to deliver on all our priorities.

Check out this logo that we've created for ROKT.

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