A Complete Design Re-haul for an Innovative Fintech Startup

Find out how Rhyzin used Pixel True to create their branding, website, dashboard design and illustrations to stand out in the investment fintech space.

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Rhyzin is a community led investment platform that allows you manage all your investments in one place



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Bellevue, Washington, United States

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Rhyzin is a community led platform that allows users to manage all their investments in one place. Users can anonymous publish their portfolio and investment decisions for others to learn. In addition, Rhyzin has an inbuilt forum where users can vote with real dollars - the bigger your portfolio the more voting power you have

Interview with

Terry Ma

We had the pleasure of interviewing Terry, the founder of Rhyzin. Here's what Terry had to say about the Pixel True Service

The Problem

I had a working prototype for my startup, but it was hideous. Being an engineer by trade, creative design and UX wasn't my strong suit.

I wanted a cohesive brand identity that expressed the story that I wanted to tell, including a new logo, typography, colors, brand personality, illustrations, on top of a new look and feel.

Hiring a full time product designer is time consuming and expensive for an early stage bootstrapped company, and wasn't a luxury I could afford at the time. Services like dribbble and behance seem great, but I wasn't sure that I could get the support and feeling of working with a team.

Why Pixel True?

Initially, we looked at existing Pixel True case studies and designs and soon after, we fell in love with the process and the work that Pixel True produced.

I initially came across PixelTrue while browsing hackernews, and ran across one of their illustration packs. That led me to the website where I learned more about their designers, processes, commitments, and prices.

It was everything I wanted at the time so I reached out, and I had a great conversation with Andy who helped clarify a lot of my uncertainties. I tried out the service for a week and was very impressed with the result, and I've been a happy customer ever since.

What would you say to those on the fence?

What would you say to those on the fence?

Have a conversation with Andy, and engage with the team on a small project to get a sense of their capabilities. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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