Welcome to Pixel True!

Please read the below information

What happens next?

1. Onboarding - please fill out the section below to create your profile(s) on our task management system called Clickup, along with explaing a little about your company as well.

2. Submit your job requests - Once you're all setup, you'll be able to submit your design requests through your profile or a dedicated link, but for now you can submit a design request

3. Get your personal designers - Once you've submitted your job, we'll assign you your designers and project managers, then sit back and relax and we'll work our magic :)

4. Prior to submitting your request, please gather as much information as possible to help us design your first request to the best of our ability the first time!

5. Any questions at all, use the contact us box in the lower right corner, or email us at support@pixeltrue.com

Why Clickup?

Below are some of the awesome features in Clickup that make it an awesome tool to use :)

1. A Job request list that you can easily add jobs too

2. An in-built file management system (like google drive) - to easily upload your files

3. An in-built chat system - this will allow you, your designers and your project manager to communicate easily.

What you can request

The possibilities are endless with a full design team.

Think of us as your personal designer. Anything that requires design we can do it! here's a list that details a few of the services we mainly do:

- Stunning Illustrations
- Web Designs
- App Designs
- Icons
- Infographics
- Social Media Graphics
- Email Banners
- Blog Banners
- Business Cards
- Flyers, Posters, Banners
- Podcast Graphics
- Event Graphics
- E-commerce Graphics
- T-shirt Graphics
- Books and Ebook Covers
- Thumbnail Images
- Newsletter
- and much more!

We're excited to work together. And again, it's a pleasure to have you on-board!!

The Pixel True Team